SoundNetwork @ Futuresonic 08 - Autonomous Village


Video documentation by Lewis Wilde from Dan Fox's webcam mounted on his Ultra sonic speaker remote controlled from inside the tent

Autonomous Village 1 from Ross Dalziel on Vimeo.


SoundNetwork present The Cat5FÉTE at The Autonomous Village for Futuresonic08

Log on, listen in, cup of tea, jamaica ginger cake, sorted.

The Futuresonic Social, Contact Theatre Car Park, Oxford Road, Manchester, UK

Saturday 3rd (11am-6pm) - Sunday 4th May 2008 (11am-4pm)


The Comfort of Strangers_Hear sonic art, collaborations and collectives from open submission from all over theglobe in the comfort of our audio jacked up furniture.

Cat5FÉTE_Artists Daniel Jones and Werner Moebius collaboration with SoundNetwork on a closed network system; a localised version of the SoundNetwork Drupal website.Also featuring artist Dan Fox on Saturday.

Daniel Jones - Subtext

"But the keystrokes of users on the Net connect them to a vast distributed
plane composed not merely of computers, users, and telephone lines, but all
the zeros and ones of machine code, the switches of electronic circuitry,
fluctuating waves of neurochemical activity, hormonal energy, thoughts,
desires..." -- Sadie Plant, "Zeros + Ones" (1997)

"Subtext" (2008) is a generative excavation into network discourses, capturing
the semantic content of a network message and transforming it into glyphs of
light which, in sequence, form sentences corresponding to a complete
electronic conversation.

Werner Moebius - Sonic Memories

Werner invites you to take part in his Sonic Memory project on computers linked to the café's temporary CAT5 cable and wifi network.Daniel's installation responds to users on the network; slowing down the invisible exchanges and hidden protocols we depend on so much today in our online world;Join us at this inTRANET café; bring a laptop and/or loose change for a cuppa and log on and blog your first Sonic Biographical memory; just don't expect the world wide web

Dan Fox - Untitled

Artist Dan Fox will be in the tent using an ultra high frequency directional speaker distributing our sonic memories in and around the CAT5Cafe

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