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INTERFACE AMNESTY is a programme of activity developed for AND Festival to setup informal spaces for artists and technologists to share their in progress projects, devices and products that allow humans to interface with sound, music, image and the world.

Originally inspired by the audio surveillance trade fair in Francis Ford Coppola's "The Conversation" its has now extended beyond DIY midi devices to cover the whole spectrum of interesting ways artists are developing new and old ways for people to create music and art. Since 2009 the format has coincided with the emerging Maker culture fo the UK and above you can see the 2011 Howduino event hosted by SoundNetwork for Mercy and Liverpool Biennial.

SoundNetwork continue to be inspired by this kind of work and we can see how its developing and growing as hackspace and maker culture informs artistic practice more and more.

These days we feel most akin to places like MadlabUK and DoES Liverpool as spaces for experimentation, networking and collaboration and we now have a regular physical studio and event space in STATIC Gallery.

Thanks to folly and all who took part in Interface Amnesty 2 for the end of the AND Festival in Blackburn! 3D scans, circuit bending, a window a masking tape guitar and an arduino keg of ale were just some of the things being played with and made!

And Have a look here to see long time SoundNetwork collaborator Daniel Barrett doing some practice based research in Vietnam at Tri Minh's Hanoi Sound Stuff 2010



Xmas Soundwalk Special

 doppler soundwalk

Xmas Soundwalk Special 2009 in Liverpool.

Go to and use the doodle web application to select the date that suits you!

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