Is it Worth Selling my Stuff to get some Extra Money?

Many of us find ourselves in a situation from time to time where we feel like we could do with some extra money. This might be because we have a loan to repay, we have bills to pay, we want to increase our savings or treat ourselves to something. Whatever the reason, there are many things that we could consider doing that would help. Selling items that we have might be something that we might consider as there are many advantages, but there are disadvantages too.

Lots of places to sell

These days there are lots of places that you can sell items and therefore it makes it easy to get some extra income this way. If you are happy selling online then you have the option of online auctions, car boot sales, classifieds and social media pages. There are so many, it can actually be pretty hard to choose. The best thing to do is to look at the costs of selling using these methods as well as seeing what types of items tend to sell using these methods. Then you will be able to make a choice that works for what you are selling and that you can afford. When deciding on whether you think the cost is too high, consider how much you might get for selling the items that you have chosen to sell and think about whether you still think it is worth paying out that much money.

If you sell offline, you still have a number of choices. You can choose from a car boot sale, table top sale or garage sale or you can use an auction company or see if a second hand shop are interested. The options are more limited but there is still as selection available.

Can sell things of different values

As there are a lot of options with regards to selling it means that you can sell things that have different values in different places depending on which is relevant for your items. So, if you have rare, collectable or higher value things then an auction is probably the best. However, if you have items that are small and cheap then a car boot sale might be better. By taking a look at the sorts of items that are for sale in different places, it will enable you to decide which will be the best for you.

Can raise money quickly

Selling things like this can raise money really quickly. As long as you are selling things that you owned before (rather than buying things to sell) you do not have to declare the money that you have made for tax purposes. If you put your items up for sale quickly, then it is likely that some of them will sell quickly and you will get money for them speedily. You may be able to get everything that is going to sell, paid for within a few weeks.

Might regret selling items

If you make a quick decision to sell things, then you might find that you regret it later. This would be a shame as you cannot get things back once they are sold. Be careful about selling family heirlooms or things that you feel are valuable as you may decide later that you should have kept them. You may also want to consult other family members about doing this as well. They might be more emotionally attached to them than you and if you sell things without consulting them, they may not be happy with you and it could cause rifts in the family.

Might need to replace them and spend more

It is worth contemplating whether you might need the items in the future. If you find that you need them in the future then you may need to buy new ones. This could cost you a lot of money and you may even regret the decision. Do not make a snap decision when you are considering selling more expensive items. With cheaper items, you may not need to think as hard, as these will be more affordable to replace in the future if necessary.

So, as you can see, there are good and bad things about selling things to raise money. It could really help you out, you could raise money quickly and there are plenty of ways that you can do so. However, you might regret the decision if you sell things you then decide that you wish you had. Therefore, you do need to make sure that you spend some time thinking about your decision so that you do not make one that you will regret. It will not take too long to think it through but could be worth it as you do not want to end up regretting your decision or upsetting family over it.