How Can I Reduce How Much I Spend on Take Away food?

How Can I Reduce How Much I Spend on Take Away food?

Most of us these days have some take away food from time to time. Some of us will have a lot more than others and this can be expensive. It is very convenient and the meals often have special offers which make them seem like they are good value. However, compared with cooking from scratch they can be very expensive. It is therefore worth thinking about how you can reduce what you spend.

Order less food

It can often be tempting to order more food than we need with a take away. It might be that we need to spend over a certain amount to get free delivery or that there are some good deals on drinks, puddings or things like that. Think carefully about what you are buying and whether you are buying more than you need. It will be a lot cheaper to buy drinks form a supermarket or to just make a hot beverage to go with the meal. The same goes for a pudding, when often it is just ice cream or something very simple which could be bought for less from a supermarket and actually could probably be done without anyway. It can also often be tempting to buy side dishes as well as mains, which again will make the meal more expensive and may provide you with too much food. Of course, if you have too much then you could save some for the following day which will help you to save money.

Find cheaper places to order from

We can be creatures of habit and order from the same places all of the time. However, it is well worth comparing prices as you may find that there are some places which are very much cheaper and therefore you can use to save money. Obviously, you will want to get good value for money and do not want to go to places that you do not like, but do try places you have not tried before that are cheaper as you may decide that you will use them again in the future. It can be worth asking people you know, particularly those that live near you, if they could recommend anyone.

Consider ready meals instead

It could be worth getting supermarket ready meals instead of take away food. These will be cheaper than a take away and they are very easy to cook. You will either be able to put them in the microwave or you will just need to pop them in the oven. It is very simple and although you have to do a little work, it can be worth it due to the fact that they are considerably cheaper than a take away. There is a big variety and you should be able to find some that you enjoy especially if you look in more than one supermarket. Often they can be frozen too, which can be very convenient and means that you can always have one available if you need it.

Cook more meals

Another option is to make meals yourself instead. This does take a lot more effort as not only do you have to spend the time cooking but you also have to be prepared and get in all of the ingredients that you need. However, once you get into the habit of doing this, it can be easy and there are many meals that can be made very quickly. Many pasta dishes, stir fry, couscous and noodle dishes and really quick to make. If you do not want to cook making salads or something on toast is also very quick too and even a sandwich can still be nutritious and filling and there is no cooking involved.

Prepare your own lunch

Many of us will buy a sandwich, drink, crisps and snack for our lunch. It is quick and convenient and a meal deal will make it seem great value. However, if we make our own sandwich or salad, as well as taking some tap water or some squash or juice from home it is so much cheaper. We can also put together something much healthier if that is something that we want to aim for too.

It will take some thought and effort to spend less money on take away food. However, it is worth it as you could end up saving a significant amount of money. Just learning a few recipes and being more organised with shopping can mean that you will be able to save a significant amount of money. Making packed lunches and sandwiches in the evening can save time in the morning if you are not a morning person. When cooking evening meals, making extra portions to heat up quickly the next day or that you can put in the freezer can also save time.

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